Sunday, 17 May 2015

This is sky travel, with no planes involved. The Langa hills are so, so, SO beautiful that the first thing that comes to mind is finding some way (wishfully) to go and live among the comforting domes of vine and hazelnut trees. They fall away towards the alps where the tip of Monviso can be seen dominating the horizon. Langa provides thousands of panoramas in just a few turns of every road. This is wine and food heaven!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Turin, Piemonte, simply Italy

Palazzo Reale, Torino. The magnificent Scissor stairway designed by Juvarra in the early 1700's for Carlo Emanuele Savoia's wedding. The double stairway starts at the top and joins together on the middle ramp. Here you see the underside of that middle ramp and the final separation again into two passages that are the first ramp. Gossips of the time thought it an impossible task to build, so on completion Juvarra added a medallion to the stairway showing the face of a man with a serpents to an open pair of scissors ready to chop it off! (see detail)

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Vezzolano Abbey and the romanesque trail in Asti

A lovely field trip brought me to Vezzolano Abbey in Albugnano Asti. The combination of limestone, terracotta and brick makes it surprisingly welcoming considering the austerity of its era. A beautiful cloister accompanies you towards their permanent nativity display that occupies impressively four sides of an entire room. The church is dedicated to the Madonna and as with all romanesque decoration in the area, every pilar, capital and column tells its own story, sometime our own imagination is as close as we will every get to unlocking their secrets!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

San Giorgio e il drago

Looking forward to painting a saint George and the dragon for a church in Torresina Cuneo.
Here's the rough sketch of how I want it composed. It will measure 100x160cm.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Starting the season...

Working on wooden boards. It's not the same as a walk on the beach, but as a decorator I am the last one using the scaffolding, so if you love what your doing, it is a bit like being on holiday. A home away from home. You begin to learn the ins and outs: where to duck to avoid the iron bars, how to organize your work so you can stay in the sun longer, or avoid it, if it's August....and where to eat your lunch in peace. Down below people try to sneak a peek at what you are doing, but must wait! Fingers crossed it is a good surprise...but for collegues here is a preview. Shame that they couldn't hide the tubes.