Saturday, 11 January 2014

Psst...please pass it on!

Hello all, this blog is the copy of a letter I sent to a friend who asked me what the P.A.A.I. group on LinkedIn was. 
It stands for pro-artistic-artisan-Italy. It is an attempt to define a sector of work that, here in Italy, at least, goes unrecognized by institutions. I hope to find through public interest some solidity to the word "artisan" and perhaps other words like "decorator" that have been striped of sense, since they describe anything from electrician to wall-painter to Artist here. 
P.A.A.I. invites all people who take pride in creating objects aimed at being beautiful for the pleasure of their clients, to simply exchange. I would love to see Artistic-artisans discussing what aethetics means and any related issues regarding the Arts as a service industry. Even dust down some sticky issues about "Taste" maybe????   Anything regards the work of providing visual pleasure and harmony!
would love your valuble opinion regards the above on the group page.