Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hold on to the twinkle in your eye.

As a youngster I was attracted ( like most of us) to the "Arts" in general. In my case, resulting in my  mediocre expression of most Art forms available to me, notwithstanding in the Art room. By the beginning of the 80's I could imagine myself in most jobs from fashion designer, to a Barbra Streisand inspired Fanny Brice in Funny Girl. However this need to express myself in an avant-Glee accompaniment to life had no structure, it didn't gel and took me nowhere. Arts got packed away with adolescence as I began work in the real world.
Only after many years an opportunity arrived to get back on track. I was very lucky, because this time around I got to work from within a structured order. From that structure then came my own direction. 
Direction keeps my eye on a distant but achievable goal. It helps me define and explain my service. It helps me decide what exactly I need to concentrate on and what I need to eliminate from my radar to stay on track. 
It is a twinkle in the eye.