Thursday, 20 June 2013

Journey back from the "office"

In a constant updating of the pros and cons of living in Italy, I sometimes tend to mark the many difficulties and forget the advantages. Today I reflected on the gob-smacking panoramas I sometimes get to enjoy after a days work. Its madness that after a long and sweaty day's work between a high wall and the sun, I end up losing another hour on a 10 minute car journey home.. just because I have to keep stopping to take photo's. Humorously I was thinking to myself that perhaps whoever contributed to the Baroque style must certainly have come from the Langhe area, with it's endless volute of small, tight hills that sometime cause you to lose your sense of up, down, sideways, high and low! 
It is just SO beautiful all around me, and in that moment of realisation I find myself agreeing with Kant: beauty is not something that induces the desire for ownership, you emerge yourself in it, you become it.