Wednesday, 1 May 2013

I wish I had a talent for synthesis and syntax.
Any chance I have of contributing to defending and promoting my skill depends on the  capacity to convey many complex concepts of worth, choice and taste. Subjects that others, with far better credentials than me have attempted to resolve- and have had to leave in the back-burner.
Despite norms in Italy that are (in theory) in place not just to protect artifacts but also "the skills that went to create them" I know from experience that this is not the case. My specific activity is lost in the sea of diverse services provided under the title "Decoration"
I speak after spending a day in Turin, hoping to glimpse some sign of encouragement from the state toward the traditional skills in an Arts cultural meet-up aimed at responding to the financial crises that is crippling Italy. I understood all the arguments in favor of innovation, contemporary design and encouraging the youngest generations to throw themselves into the deep-end by proposing their ideas for Arts businesses and marketing products of contemporary design. Nothing new there. For as long as I can remember important discussions around the Arts market focused on the innovative or ancient history, as if the two aspects were completely distinct and nothing exists, or is of any use, anywhere in between.  
The need to be innovative means that Italy has closed its doors to a great part of what makes Italy, well.... Italian.  Thus-by not fully using the potential work-force that could contribute to its reprisal. I could speak for hours regards the difficulties many Artisans face with maintaining their craft. The problems multiply when on a bureaucratic level you don't belong to any specific category. My taxes are paid under a general title of "other artistic activities"   In a country that I believe has the highest patrimony of Arts in the world, it’s simply illogical. My fear is that the point of no return has been surpassed. It doesn't make the slightest bit of difference how well one works, how thoroughly pleased your client is, there are other mechanisms that as much as you try, you cannot contrast without the interest of influential circles. Which sad to say group all decorators as Sunday crafters.

Details from a painted patio ceiling...Material used: house acrylic Year: 2011