Monday, 15 April 2013

My line fetish...

I woke this morning fixating the moulding on my cupboard....
Much is said about the functionality of design and yet I still think that decoration, while not functional in tangible terms, does serve a purpose. The cupboard would still exist if I took away the moulding. It would still open, its shape would not be changed and it would continue to work as a container. The only real thing that would change, is that I would no longer intimatly appreciate its existence. All because a very sensual cornice and volute top it off. The thing with mouldings and me is that I have a serious fetish to outline!
I don't know what it is about defining objects that satisfies me so. Where I use lines to define an object on paper, I use moulding to define space on walls....and I think it is the most enjoyable aspect of my work. Hogarth spoke of the "line of beauty" a serpentine line, sometimes even invisible to the eye, as in composition, but still a presence that involves the spectator in an intimate relationship and a deeper comprehension of space.
Eyes work as a magnet, automatically searching for the underlining lines in an object or in space.
Lines, visible or suggested, are the glue that keep us attached to our surroundings.