Monday, 11 February 2013

Temples, fragments, pieces from a world made to mans measure.

A number of years ago I finally got to visit Rome....for someone like myself, who loves the mathematical beauty of classical decoration and it's underlining "raison d'ĂȘtre" ; architecture, it was a visual gratification beyond beautiful.
Broken pieces of these fascinating buildings are strewn all around and I confess, even I was tempted to take a little piece of history away with me to treasure with Gollum-like jealousy!
What I did take away with me was a seedling of an idea, which for diverse reasons I was unable to develop, until now.
In a moment of extreme insecurity, that isn't just financial but also social and spiritual, I feel that there has been a parting of ways. People are again interested in questions regards content, value, provenance and authenticity. People seem less likely to take on face value what is offered to them but reflect more on what really does mirror their own essence as individuals.
Dealing in home decoration I am asked to provide solutions to individual taste and most certainly styles are varied. I don't approach my work as an modern artist does, my work is subject to what I call a body of knowledge; the history of aesthetic form. With this in mind II search to provide aesthetic solutions which take account of my clients tastes.
My vision of decoration is very much attached to how it works with the with underlining form. If you just add decoration, with the same intent you would hang a picture, as well as it  may be executed, their is no transaction between the two parts. Decoration, often being less about content becomes redundant. This limitation was one reason why I couldn't see ways of translating my work into something independent from Architecture.
Then I reflected on the essence of classical decoration and how it is actually something beyond decorative. The fragmented pieces we see in museums work in their own right in all their consumed, faded,iconic and poetical beauty.
This was the seed of an idea that I took away with me from Rome:
I paint Grisaille, I love classical decoration and studied as historical icons, I believe that these fragments do work on their own terms. Whatever happens, I know I will enjoy doing them!!!