Monday, 4 February 2013

Art, craft, creatives AND clients

Hello world....those of you who drop by.

Minerva's Temple bells sound. 

Let me explain...I am a freelance decorator and have been "trading" in Art for eleven years now. I have been interested in proposing what might be considered blasphemy in many art circles, that is; obtainable art, art for the masses. I suppose this is really known as craft, but the two descriptions, Art and Craft,  are really modern distinctions  ( compared to over two thousand years of Art history) made to distance the fine arts far away from the reach from what was in the '800 considered the less cultured public.
If you are a crafter or interested in understanding how class distinctions came about in the Arts- I can't recommend enough:

Anyway this blog serves to keep me on my toes, motivate, remind, encourage, focus...remind me that I have no excuses to not keep producing and finding ways to reach-out to all , to remember the practicalities, to work and therefore survive in the arts market. If your curious to know what exactly I trade in,  please visit my website www/

Minerva; protectress of the arts, of commerce, of industry and schools.